Inventor: Marine Life

Looking at techniques for tunnel books i started off simple and did a trial book first starting with drawing four scenes in pen.




I then added colour with ink and cut out the rest of the frames




I was pleased with the outcome as its has the 3d affect i wanted and i think it communicates sea life from the past, although i think it would be best to add more depth so maybe by adding another frame would create this. Also in a group tutorial i was reminded to make sure all my information that is shown was correct, such as fish species and boat type as i was aiming it around the Glamorgan coast. I took this into account and continued my research.




I also experimented with different formats of tunnel books as i found this template in one of the books i loaned. It was good from the point of paper wastage as you could create this from one piece of paper, and i enjoyed its affect through the little spy hole but i felt it was limited to amount of information it held. But this could also be a technique where i would like to experiment with a bit more as it links with the environment and being eco friendly.






These were my two developed pieces, the top one being past and the other being present i think by giving an extra frame and cutting out the boat instead of being part of the background does give more depth and just makes it more interesting. I changed the a joining paper to blue just to carry through the idea of the sea, and i think this is a much better improvement and brings each frame together.

For part of my research i watched Hugh Whittingstall’s Fish Fight as he was trying to promote sustainable fishing. It was interesting as not many people were aware of how sea life was being affected by us. But what i found interesting was just how easy the solution is, as he explored parts of the sea that were protected from fishing and scallop dredgers and it just showed, how the sea bed life can thrive and with this there is overflow into unprotected areas allowing us to use this and for fill our needs. Although i feel scallop dredgers our unproductive piece of equipment, as scallops can now be farmed and cultivated in the sea with out destroying the sea bed. As the dredgers are dragged along the sea bed turning it into dessert by breaking down all the coral and catching any other living thing that gets in it way.




Individual Response: Inventor, Marine Life

After the field work i felt a little unproductive as it was hard for everyone to get together  and agree on one thing. So the chance of working on my own was welcome.I decided on the theme of inventor as in our subject groups it was one of the first 3d projects i had i done and i really enjoyed the practicality of making something, and having to think about how it will come together. Marine life was also linked to field as both projects involved the environment and nature and i wanted to expand on this in my individual response.

As outlined in the brief was a pop-up book so i went to the library and found books on paper engineering and different types of pop-up this was interesting as it opened my eyes to lots of different effects that can be created, such as flip books which create a motion picture which was something i considered. As it was one of the first forms of animation and i wanted my project to be a cautionary tale from the past about the welfare of our seas so i was looking at traditional techniques.

One artist that i found was Andrea Dezso as she had an exhibition quite recently where she showed lots of different types of tunnel books. Her exhibition was called Dreamtime where she made huge tunnel books just made from coloured cut out paper, creating moody atmospheric scene that were beautifully lit.

Andrea Dezsö: Dreamtime Installation view at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Photograph by Glen McClure

Although they were big enough to walk in to she didn’t want this to be possible just to show the separation between dream and reality, but by looking inside them made it seem like you became part of the dream.

 Andrea Dezsö: Dreamtime Installation view at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Photograph by Adam Gurvitch

This really gave me an idea how much you can play around with them and what different affects you can get through all the different layers.

Constellation: Over View

Constellation has been useful component towards my work as it has allowed me to look at thing in broader terms in relation to work in subject and field. With a wide range of theories and outlooks and how visuals communicate meaning. Through this it has taught me to really think about what i chose to symbolise in my work, and how i want my work to communicate to other whether its through colour or certain objects. It also made me realise that every thing has a meaning and that meaning can be changed by how you place in your work. I found many of the reading interesting this term, one of them being Gaultier.

Gaultiers design for Madonna first visually was very masculine with a pant suit to portray authority and power as it would in a place of business. Although with a lot of Gaultier designs there’s an underlying edge this time it is shown with the corsetry as this is taken from the Victorian period. I think he uses this to show the historical value of women’s repression by means of the corset its self is very restricting and in those times it was an undergarment that shouldn’t be seen he turns this on it head as the conical bra is visible through the suit, with placed tears through the suit it creates empowerment and is meant to be liberating women. By exaggerating the breast in quite aggressive way showing that they longer need to hide their bodies but instead celebrate them. I really enjoyed how clothing can mean so much and demonstrate such powerful statements.

The zoot suit reading was also very interesting as i had no idea that there was so many political issues behind it, as they were bright, vivid colours but were always drastically oversized. This was a way of rebelling as the majority were of Hispanic or African American origin, they felt they were not treated equally. So after the second world war there was a drain on many thing therefor they had to be rationed,one thing being material.  they used the oversized suits to show there dissatisfaction with society and promoting there criminal activity, as they were not abiding by the rules this created great tension in America. I found it interesting how you can still find aspects of this fashion in today’s society,especially with social media and celebrity culture, as Bruno mars fashions a modern type of zoot suit in his video to uptown funk. Which i felt was very relevant to this time as the zoot suit wearers were known to take part in jive and funk music.

But for my essay i chose to do it on punks as i found them interesting just due to the fact there has been no fashion culture that has be as extreme as punk. They just wanted to go against everything that was seen as natural or ‘normal’ this really interested me as i hadn’t really thought about using my physical appearance to portray a statement. But as i read more into it, and all of the subcultures it was clear that these subculture still get carried through with today fashion, maybe unknowingly but i really enjoy that my mind has been opened to the historical meanings of of items and objects and how they are perceived differently today.

the spirit of punk also intrigued me as they were known for being outrageous and shocking. As they saw them selves as outcasts as they didn’t want to be a part of society and did not follow any common curtsy when it came down to being a part of society. But when it came down to their peer groups there were strict rituals that you had to stick by or you weren’t considered a ‘real’ punk. Such as, certain kinds of clothing that had been altered by hand the more fragmented the better, and must of included rips and tears revealing the bear flesh. Also applying household objects such as safety pins, toilet chains and even tampon as accessories or jewelry. It all sees like a type of pea-cocking with who could put the most gruesome outfit together and who could think of the next sordid object to add to there embellish. But the punks were masters of bricolarge and there isn’t an outfit today that hasn’t some how been influenced by punk.

Overall constellation has helped me reconnect and understand society better and giving me the ability to look at things and think about what they communicates. As strong values is a big part of this constellation, and i want to takes this through to my work and communicate something that is important and relates to people. As i feel that rebellion is a part of everyday life in all soughs of situation. With all subjects i think it is important to experiment and break the rules as this is the only way to come up with something new and exciting and something no ones seen before.


Field: Mixed Subject Groups



Being in a mixed subject group was interesting as when given an idea, each have a different way of making come to life. This opens the mind and make you think about how to compromise and challenges you to try different methods of working. Our fist brief was to think about what our future homes will be like and what kind of character we would want it to have. we started off by doing a mind map and one of our main focuses was for it to be eco friendly and restore nature to what it was. then we researched pictures of how we might want it to look and the gadgets we would want in the house hold and created a mood board. and to put in our own interpretations of the house we then went away and produce a drawing each then displayed them together i think this was a successful method of collaboration.



This was my individual view on our future home which contributed to our main manifesto. we did a range of our Eco friendly floating homes to suit different peoples needs, mine was known as city pods.


this was the final outcome of our work showing how we could live with out harming the earth and allowing it to prosper.

Field: Subject Groups

As we were all influenced by the conference we were asked to find ourselves a group of about four that had the same interests as ourselves. my group also enjoyed the into the woods lecture, and believed in the point it put across. This also over lapped with a well being lecture so as a group we decided to bring them together and include how technology and nature may affect your well being, and to teach the future generation that there can be a happy balance between technology and nature as long as they work together and nature isn’t neglected or forgotten about.

We started just by having a conversation about how our idea could mesh and what could inspire us. Then we chose words that we felt were important and at the center of our ideas and illustrated this. The outcomes were quite successful as we all had very different interpretations of how to visually communicate these words. we did this on a sheet of A1 and thought about how our images could merge. we decided on a 3d sculpture of a tree that was made out of both twigs and wires which showed the relationship between both of these vital elements technology and nature. then by producing 10 leaves each we all got add our personal perspective in our own styles but with it still coming together as a whole. we also invited fellow student to add leaves and put there thought across about the subject which made our piece interactive and tactile.


We tried it in different areas to see how it would effect the space, and become a conversational piece.


Field: Future Generations Conference

The conference on future generations was interesting as it really opened my mind to a whole array of subject matters i never really thought about, and got me thinking what i would want to pass on through generations. One seminar i related to was into the woods which was about getting children back out into nature. This is something i think is important as i believe it helps crucial development as a child, and increases your creativity and confidence in the outside world  and test have proven that nature helps you both mentally and physically.

As i child i could think of nothing better than going to my local nature reserve exploring the waters with my net, looking for insects and tad poles now kids are more concerned with technology and the virtual world rather than the real one. One activity the project ‘wild thing’ did with the children was give them plastic cups and got them to fill it with parts of nature. One child filled his cup with litter and called a toxic cocktail. I think this just highlights the problems we have with nature and is a very valuable lesson for children to learn. As we must respect nature and not let our bad habits affect it as it will allow the next generation realize just how responsible we are for natures well being and growth.

I also enjoyed the trip to the cathedral as we were told to be observers, which i think is an important message as you first have to observe something to understand and then take action.


Street Car Named Desire: Final Narrative

My final narrative is just further development of the last after a group tutorial they thought the colour changes should be more subtle to show the transition of mood.

This i feel is a successful outcome as i think it communicates clearly the struggle stress which blanch goes through with her spiraling out of control. charcoal gives that bold affect i wanted and the colours slowly seep into one another almost giving a dreamlike quality of hysteria. And from a contextual point i think it clearly indicates a state of mind losing its way into chaos, as i wanted to high light mental illness in the 1940s and how it was never properly dealt with. As they didn’t yet have the knowledge of the inner workings of the human brain, and used extreme methods such as lobotomy’s where the outcomes were always wildly different and not an effective way of dealing with mental illness.

As i researched this further i found out that they used lobotomy’s for illnesses such as schizophrenia to post natal depression and many variations of this procedure were carried out until the late 1970s across the world. The idea was to sever the connecting tissue around the frontal lobes in hope to dull symptoms by reducing emotional signal to the brain. And at this time in America, the state legislature paid as little as $2 per day for the upkeep of patients in metal institutes, this included staffs salaries, catering, accommodation and treatment, which just shows how poorly cared for they were.