Encounter: PDP Reflection

This term has been full of ideas and opportunities to really get immersed with in the work i have found this really refreshing and to just go with ideas to continuously produce work. One thing i really enjoyed from my  project was observational aspect and really just capturing form in the simplistic of ways i found this useful as it allowed me to gain confidence and get to grips with the human form. I also think being a part of what im drawing is an important part for me as i want to promote the outside environment therefore i have to be apart of it. I have produce work on body language before but with the whole term to fill with our project i wanted to look at it in-depth, surrounding myself  with the outside and really just paying attentions to the life around me.


I have enjoyed the freedom of setting our own milestones but i have found that its best  to be flexible if an idea is developing in a different way then expected and to just go with it, but its also a challenge to keep yourself motivated so i found interval of gathering observations kept the project moving and also now im exploring body language through stitch, i look forward to explore layering and other techniques through this medium.

Ive found that research has also been an important part of keeping my self working, looking at illustrator that handle the same topics im interested in has really helped my ideas flow and think about things in depth. It was also encouraging to see other illustrators endorsing similar ideas to me, such as the peep show collective which is made up of animators and illustrators one being Luke Best they work together and collaborate on many projects but one that caught my interest was a project called ‘The Long March Indoors’. As it concentrates on the constant construction of buildings and humanities need to retreat inside. It produce some lovely work and together they made a short animation that communicate beautifully the mindset of many today.


Overall i have learnt that i am able to self motivate and make executive decisions about my own work. I think its important to enjoy what your doing so if thats not the case ive learnt to initiate another activity to re-inspire or sometime the idea has gets stuck or isn’t communicating what you intended. Its then about allowing yourself to let it go and start a fresh as you can only learn through doing, and sometimes when things dont work out at the time they may still be useful for projects in the future so you always have the option to go back and review with a different perspective. Im looking forward to continuing with my work in a more focused way but continuing with processes i have explored this term. I also will be looking in to the context of my work further really thinking about how people may view the work, and concentrating on the strength of my  visual language. I will continue my research into artist and illustrators to help this grow naturally and give myself more confidence with presenting my work in a professional capacity.



Hands and feet.

My painting have been successful with just really exploring but with wanting to develop further amelia suggested to concentrate on my extremities such as feet and hand. Although they seem minor they can really give essence to a piece and help create those little moments of subtlety, which i had overlooked before.

when creating these pieces i got reminded of my artist licence as an illustrator which allowed me to focus on the pure movement and shape again using bright outrageous colours and just creating a sense of fun was really nice.



Contextual Research: Emily Sutton

The Fishing Lodge

Emily Sutton illustrations are always vibrant and full of life even in this piece with the dog napping by the fire, you conjure the feeling of the warmth and crackle of the fire that the elderly couple who may or may not live there are enjoying. Ingraining all these slight details makes every one able to relate which is something I really enjoy about her work. And even though there are no human forms in this piece you still automatically think, who lives there? which is very cleverly done with the amount of detail in the room and something i might explore in my own work



She also produced fabric sculptures for her installation ‘High Street’ she treats them with the same attention as her drawings, really bringing out each characters personality and uses the car as an extension of the character itself and although it’s a static object you still get the sense of motion. I have an interest in both sculpture and stitch so its interesting to see how other illustrator transcend their own work with these other mediums.


Developing Lastest Ink Sketches and Ideas.

Through creating images in quite a short amount of time it gives the pieces more expression it also gives a unity to the work which is something i have tried to aspire to but to further develop these drawings i feel like more time and attention should be taken to create these illustrations and explore of what parts of their surrounding should be included.


With these illustrations i just wanted to showcase daily life and liminal way as these are just moment from daily routines, or special days out but i like how capturing a moment of someone unaware gives you a doorway of possibilities of who they are and what they might do. But its upto you to fill in the blanks.

Through this process i want to just give an insight to how people interact with the outside in different ways with some quietly absorbing the world around or weather its children viewing the outside for purely play these are the things i enjoy to see, but many still have this ‘inside’ mentality. I think with the rise of social media many find themselves making an alternative life on line creating a vernier  for perfection which isnt realistic or true to human nature. This is what i think also takes a toll on some people’s mental health as its a platform thats ultimately based on popularity which can be damaging to those who feel the pressure of this

Through dissertation research of native americans i came across this idea of a ‘spirit outlet’ which was only created through the flaws in a piece weather it be a loose thread or a slight change in pattern. i found this really interesting as today’s society is obsessed with the idea that you must abide by these certain constructs of social media to present your best bits in life.  But the native celebrate this human trait of flaws and offers continuity with their artworks as it’s made but can easily be unraveled then made again.


Further Exploration Through Inks.

Again to revitalise my inspiration I walk and observe what’s around me I take quick snap shot just for reference but I think its more important to remember the feeling when capturing a moment so when I come to develop my paintings further I can merge the two together. I think the sketch book does this well as when I’m painting in the actual environment it normally portrays more of a feeling then what actually in front of me this is also useful to inform further drawings.


from this I decide to loosen up in the sense of no outline as I feel sometimes limits a drawing for me and I quite like not knowing how its going to turn out and how the ink is going to behave, I also enjoy the vibrancy of the inks colour against the white paper and I think the strength of black takes away from this. looking at other illustrators work around this content I think subtlety is an important part of creating an emotive piece of work as it allows you to view it in a way that’s seems to be all your own, noticing certain element that resonate with you personally.

working in this way helps me get out ideas and feel less stuck on the importance of the outcome.


Drawing Development.

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These are a few pieces I’ve developed from my initial sketches I still wanted the way I work to be loose and fluid building up lines to create movement. I chose sketches that showcase body language where it might make you start thinking about what kind of environment there in or what activity they might be doing.

I’m going to explore lots of techniques to capture body language really just pushing to see what my materials can achieve as I continue to develop drawing through a more controlled process and more detail allowing to distinguish certain personal body language that may communicate certain personality traits expanding your connections to that person.


Thinking about the context of my work I think the environment is important as I want to promote being outside in the real world, as its a natural part of our lives that we sometimes take from granted or ignored. I think It also has an impact on our well being if we don’t participate in the outside world, so I want to show people interacting with the environment in a positive but realistic way. I think these drawing our successful with the use of body language and vitality but I’m finding it hard to connect them with the environment, so I plan to explore further through my inks.


Contextual Research: Luke Best

Looking through illustrator that had been recommended to me , i came across Luke Bests work. I was immediately drawn to his work with the way his drawing is so direct and raw but still expresses many of the feelings we come across on a daily basis. His drawings are always full of life and really emanate a sense of diversity and balance he really pays attention to each characters body language creating an image that really talks.


He uses mainly collage but any medium he uses still express his own unique style, he tackle some sensitive subjects such as the male menopause, but he manages to do this in a humble  humorous way that makes the topic seem much more digestible. I think one of the things i like most about Bests work is that its honest but takes real consideration over human emotion.