Subject: Reflection

This year has been a massive learning experience in the way i approach projects in the way of process and materials , these have both been very dominant in my work and linking these to my concepts and ideas to further inform my work. This has made me go outside my comfort zone and explore materials and techniques, this is mainly due to the experiences i had in field both being totally new topics to me and leaving me with a strong need for process and further knowledge of what we have available to us in university.

But the year has also focused me on the more professional side and one project that really showed me this was the editorial project, as i think its useful to know the restraints you might have to deal with in the outside world. I think it even helps creatively, as it gives you a really strong focus and allows you to experiment from there. Even though they may be subtle it makes the final outcome something that has been thoroughly thought about and tweaked to best fit the article. I enjoyed coming back to inks and paper after being exposed to so many new ways of working and allow me to create purely emotive images.

It also opened doors to making GIFS with a few very simple techniques which i think helped add to my second editorial project and also to some of my development work towards the creative conscience brief. Through my projects i have found many artist that have help inspire my work whether it be through similar ideas or the process they have used. Johanna Basford is an illustrator i found when researching for the creative conscience open brief as i wanted to promote well being with in my own work, she was one illustrator that first created the adult colouring books which took off and helped relax many, as in this day and age with all the distraction around us due to technology and daily responsibilities, it is said stress levels are much higher than in the past. Just simply colouring helps relax the mind and also creates nostalgia from childhood and a much simpler time. This helped me as i wanted to also promote interaction so i found mugs a good way of being the vessel for communication.

This last term we were given the freedom to create our own project, i wanted to explore further into textiles as i made cushions for are you sitting comfortably and enjoyed the experience, so i wanted to look at it from a more illustrative perspective and i combined this with the body language brief we were given over easter. As the human form has always been apart of my work and i wanted to see how this can be translated into stitch and what effect it gives. One artist that helped with this process was Alice Kettle as her work varies in many techniques, but her stitch is always very emotive and open for interpretation which helped my ideas grow out of perspective and how there are always multiple ways of looking at something. Which i think has also been embedded in my work.


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