Field: Reflection

This years field has been very successful for me as it has really opened my eyes to lots of new ways of working and has taken me out of my comfort zone which is what i wanted to help broaden my thinking. My first field Home Truths although part illustration with what we wanted to communicate as home truths, the whole feel and process is very different to what i was use to, as preparation was key so that there was enough time for you fire your pieces and the different stages.

This also applies to are you sitting comfortably as there was many time restrictions with when certain thing had to be done so that our chair was finished in time. it became something that i quite enjoyed as the boundaries in time allowed you to focus just on what was at hand and stops you from getting ahead of yourself, it also makes you clarify what the final outcome will be. Taking this in to my subject was useful and was especially at use when doing our editorial project as part of professional practise it was a simulation of what it would be like in the working life as an illustrator, with certain deadlines, and format specifications and i think my field help me do this successfully.

Although this limits experimentation it gives you a determine focus to challenge your self and varies the way in which you think and, tackle the work. Both fields have given me a platform to really expand my illustration work as they have given me an insight in to many different techniques and has opened up endless possibilities in which my work can be translated, i have learnt that process is important to me and helps my work to communicate in a stronger way and also keeps me focused and on track. the fields have also enforced my love for a finished product at the end of a project and coming from an illustrative back ground i think i can continue to merge these to create some interesting and cummmunitive work.


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