Body Language: Research and Stitch Experimentation

Alice kettle is another artist whos work has really spoke to me, as she has such a huge variety of techniques, and materials that are used in her work but all have characteristics that makes them noticeably hers. A lot her work contains the human form and evolves round human conditions, she uses there body language to escalate the mood in her creations.

alice kettle

This piece was in response to a project about loss where is draws upon personal loss and also in a broader sense of political agenders and natural disasters. In this piece the figure seems quite limp, apart from the hand over his chest perhaps communicating the pain of personal loss and the use of the bold red against the cold background creates an atmospheric piece, with distorted figures in red haunting the lone figure creating a mood of isolation.

I can relate to this work as my pieces are purely based on the human form showing natural positions we place our bodies, with in an environment which we feel comfortable as i think it becomes more distinctive to an individual. Whereas in a more formal environment people tend to express similar body language and mimic one another to blend in.

With these experimental pieces i think choosing the medium of stitch really helpes communicate comfort and individuality, but as kettles work is based a lot around perspective these pieces as a collective could also be communicating restlessness and using the thread in a continuous way, with bold cuts of fabric creates a clean image drawing you only to the position of the legs in isolation.


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