Body Language: Sketch Development

With these development sketches i became very interested in all the different ways we position our legs for comfort and the way it communicate how we feel, by simple adjustments of our bodies. These were further developed from my observation drawings and i plan to use these to help develop my stitch pieces therefore creating a process for myself.

Although i love the simplicity of the legs i think to really inform my work and create an emotive message i need to include other variations of the body. Again i use ink as i find it the easiest to work with for quick expressive images but i will also translate these into stitch.


Field: Reflection

This years field has been very successful for me as it has really opened my eyes to lots of new ways of working and has taken me out of my comfort zone which is what i wanted to help broaden my thinking. My first field Home Truths although part illustration with what we wanted to communicate as home truths, the whole feel and process is very different to what i was use to, as preparation was key so that there was enough time for you fire your pieces and the different stages.

This also applies to are you sitting comfortably as there was many time restrictions with when certain thing had to be done so that our chair was finished in time. it became something that i quite enjoyed as the boundaries in time allowed you to focus just on what was at hand and stops you from getting ahead of yourself, it also makes you clarify what the final outcome will be. Taking this in to my subject was useful and was especially at use when doing our editorial project as part of professional practise it was a simulation of what it would be like in the working life as an illustrator, with certain deadlines, and format specifications and i think my field help me do this successfully.

Although this limits experimentation it gives you a determine focus to challenge your self and varies the way in which you think and, tackle the work. Both fields have given me a platform to really expand my illustration work as they have given me an insight in to many different techniques and has opened up endless possibilities in which my work can be translated, i have learnt that process is important to me and helps my work to communicate in a stronger way and also keeps me focused and on track. the fields have also enforced my love for a finished product at the end of a project and coming from an illustrative back ground i think i can continue to merge these to create some interesting and cummmunitive work.

Subject: Reflection

This year has been a massive learning experience in the way i approach projects in the way of process and materials , these have both been very dominant in my work and linking these to my concepts and ideas to further inform my work. This has made me go outside my comfort zone and explore materials and techniques, this is mainly due to the experiences i had in field both being totally new topics to me and leaving me with a strong need for process and further knowledge of what we have available to us in university.

But the year has also focused me on the more professional side and one project that really showed me this was the editorial project, as i think its useful to know the restraints you might have to deal with in the outside world. I think it even helps creatively, as it gives you a really strong focus and allows you to experiment from there. Even though they may be subtle it makes the final outcome something that has been thoroughly thought about and tweaked to best fit the article. I enjoyed coming back to inks and paper after being exposed to so many new ways of working and allow me to create purely emotive images.

It also opened doors to making GIFS with a few very simple techniques which i think helped add to my second editorial project and also to some of my development work towards the creative conscience brief. Through my projects i have found many artist that have help inspire my work whether it be through similar ideas or the process they have used. Johanna Basford is an illustrator i found when researching for the creative conscience open brief as i wanted to promote well being with in my own work, she was one illustrator that first created the adult colouring books which took off and helped relax many, as in this day and age with all the distraction around us due to technology and daily responsibilities, it is said stress levels are much higher than in the past. Just simply colouring helps relax the mind and also creates nostalgia from childhood and a much simpler time. This helped me as i wanted to also promote interaction so i found mugs a good way of being the vessel for communication.

This last term we were given the freedom to create our own project, i wanted to explore further into textiles as i made cushions for are you sitting comfortably and enjoyed the experience, so i wanted to look at it from a more illustrative perspective and i combined this with the body language brief we were given over easter. As the human form has always been apart of my work and i wanted to see how this can be translated into stitch and what effect it gives. One artist that helped with this process was Alice Kettle as her work varies in many techniques, but her stitch is always very emotive and open for interpretation which helped my ideas grow out of perspective and how there are always multiple ways of looking at something. Which i think has also been embedded in my work.

Body Language: Research and Stitch Experimentation

Alice kettle is another artist whos work has really spoke to me, as she has such a huge variety of techniques, and materials that are used in her work but all have characteristics that makes them noticeably hers. A lot her work contains the human form and evolves round human conditions, she uses there body language to escalate the mood in her creations.

alice kettle

This piece was in response to a project about loss where is draws upon personal loss and also in a broader sense of political agenders and natural disasters. In this piece the figure seems quite limp, apart from the hand over his chest perhaps communicating the pain of personal loss and the use of the bold red against the cold background creates an atmospheric piece, with distorted figures in red haunting the lone figure creating a mood of isolation.

I can relate to this work as my pieces are purely based on the human form showing natural positions we place our bodies, with in an environment which we feel comfortable as i think it becomes more distinctive to an individual. Whereas in a more formal environment people tend to express similar body language and mimic one another to blend in.

With these experimental pieces i think choosing the medium of stitch really helpes communicate comfort and individuality, but as kettles work is based a lot around perspective these pieces as a collective could also be communicating restlessness and using the thread in a continuous way, with bold cuts of fabric creates a clean image drawing you only to the position of the legs in isolation.

Body Language: Observational Drawings

With this project it has really just made me focus on getting the essence of the human form and concentrating on the little things we do with out realising, also motions with just drawing quickly it helps to keep drawings quite looses and expressive. I really enjoyed this technique especially matching this with the bold colour of the inks, using them to give further feeling to the drawings. I think its important that i bring a mood to the drawing and as ive done this, i think the posture of being relaxed is something i want to take further as its the time we are most off guard which shows our subtle differences as individuals.