Body Language: Process Research

As i am approaching a fairly new process i want to look at the variations of textile illustration and the different techniques they use. Many use freehand embroidery which is something i have previously experimented with a little as i like the freedom and the thought of using the needle as you would a pencil. One artist work i really enjoy is Gillian Bate, her earlier work consists of landscapes of sleepy seaside towns using the stitch in a linear way matched with bold bursts of colours. I think this really works as the use of colour is clearly well thought out, it also has the quality of continuous line which adds charm to the piece and is something i will experiment with.

Image result for textile illustration gillian bates

But her more recent work is really interesting as she make detailed embroideries of British wildlife and crates amazing texture, one of her techniques is to apply paint first which helps give them depth then applying stitch which forms as feathers or fur, creating a piece of art work and mimicking the essence of paint. With this bates shows that there is still lots of room to experiment with textile illustration.


I plan to stick to the more simplistic linear style as the process is new to me but will like to experiment with how i integrate colour using other materials and different coloured stitch also using ink pens specialised for material.


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