Home Truths: Finished Plates

As summative assessment is approaching i decided i would finish my final development of my plates as i wanted to make plates from scratch i continued with what i had learnt to finish them and complete my concept.

By applying glaze and the decals i designed i think it really finishes off the plates to the standered i wanted. As i think they communicates a continuum of misrepresentation of the Native American culture through time, matching the romanticised  images that we all relate their culture such as the dancing and arrows, with true events that occurred during colonisation. I think the processes i learnt in this project really helped me to successfully achieve the concept and outcome i wanted, by using sgraffito to scratch  in the truth the applying decals that were created by ink to show ghostly forms of what we all perceive there culture to be about, and i think it creates the message i wanted.

Over all i created four finished plates that demonstrate a wide variety of techniques i learnt in this projects, and although there styles are different i think they are all equally successful in what i wanted to achieve.


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