Open Brief

Body Language.

For this open brief i intend to extend our initial ester project, where i will be continuing observational drawing of people/animals and how our bodies communicate how we feel and who we are. This will be a useful exercise to gain knowledge of the human form and proportions, also using colour to help show a more emotive perspective and enhancing more experimentation with inks. I want create an abundance of drawing mostly rough quick sketches then pick out my favourite and developing them more then furthering this by translating them into stitch.

I will be looking at illustrator that involve stitch, one that concentrate on the human form in their work and also the different process of stitch i can use to achieve the outcome i want. One textile artist i really enjoy is Sarah Walton who brings both of these into her work and add a lot of floral detail which is something i want to experiment with to bring colour to my pieces.

.Image result for sarah walton textile artist            Image result for sarah walton textile artist

I intend to experiment with my inks further to make bold images also using bold outlines to see what mood this creates and perhaps make my images more stylistic. But focusing on shape and creating these quickly so not to be over thought and i find that ink is very immediate so it will help with this.  I want to then translate these images on to fabric through free hand stitch on the machines and the end result after experimentation would be to make a collection of cushions show casing more of a relaxed body language to promote relaxation and comfort.

The first 3 weeks i will be concentrating on collecting drawing including life drawing just to help inform my image making skills. Then i will translate some of these to stitch and experiment with this to see what outcomes i can create in the forms of trial and error. The last two weeks i will be developing my favourites and create 3-4 cushions.


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