Editorial Brief: Part Two

For part two we were given a lot more freedom to illustrate any kind of editorial work such as portraiture or even horoscopes. I decided to stick to articles as i wanted to become really comfortable with the process of analysing the article and its words. Creating a visual response to some of the language used also helps with decision making by deciding what parts are the most important to convey the message.

I decided to continue working in ink as the boldness of colour is something i want to take further and also how it can limit detail is something i find interesting to work with. I chose an article from WIRED where they questioned happiness and how it can be achieved. As individual tend to set a narrative for themselves to be happy and successful, but a lot of the time we over look our daily experiences which is where happiness should lye. I used the same process of producing multiple images with slight adjustments when i had two solid ideas.

Once i had my final image i cleaned it up on Photoshop, and we were also asked to produce a GIF of our final piece.


I chose to do my GIF by rubbing out certain parts of the image then reversing the frames. I think this worked well as i wanted to show the monotonouse strains of daily life and i think the circular motion shows this.


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