Editorial Brief: Part Two

For part two we were given a lot more freedom to illustrate any kind of editorial work such as portraiture or even horoscopes. I decided to stick to articles as i wanted to become really comfortable with the process of analysing the article and its words. Creating a visual response to some of the language used also helps with decision making by deciding what parts are the most important to convey the message.

I decided to continue working in ink as the boldness of colour is something i want to take further and also how it can limit detail is something i find interesting to work with. I chose an article from WIRED where they questioned happiness and how it can be achieved. As individual tend to set a narrative for themselves to be happy and successful, but a lot of the time we over look our daily experiences which is where happiness should lye. I used the same process of producing multiple images with slight adjustments when i had two solid ideas.

Once i had my final image i cleaned it up on Photoshop, and we were also asked to produce a GIF of our final piece.


I chose to do my GIF by rubbing out certain parts of the image then reversing the frames. I think this worked well as i wanted to show the monotonouse strains of daily life and i think the circular motion shows this.


Editorial Brief.

This brief was made to simulate a real life situation of what we might find as an illustrator in the future. This is something i found really helpful as i emerged myself in the process, first of all we were asked to find an article from the New York times i decided to not dwell on this part to much to make the experience as realist as possible. As you would not normally get to chose the article yourself. I chose an article that was about army veterans playing poker together, i felt it had a nice mood about it and had some really nice language that helped me expand visually.

The part of process i really enjoyed is just getting out as many ideas as possible not worrying about the quality of the images, then concentrating on refining the best ideas and producing multiple images with lots variations on composition and colour.

once i decided which image best communicated the article i then replicated it making slight adjustments such as adding more density to the crowd and putting a slight wash behind the characters i wanted t stand out, producing my final image.

playing poker with world war 2 and vietnam

I really wanted colour to be bold as i was using inks which bring really vivid tones of colour and i wanted to show the unity of people. But also how sometimes the older age group can sometimes be over looked even though they are the one that have allowed us to have the lives we do today.  Demonstrating this with the wash behind the veterans being the same colour as the statue of liberty and showing the freedom of the people.