Creative Conscience: Further Development

After working with what i had done i wanted to demonstrate some simple drawing just to show different ways interacting can help someone. For example just listening to someone can help there state of mind and help them work through problems, also just offering support when needed and picking up on signs when someone is down. Which is normally only possible when face to face and i just  wanted to highlight the importance of this.

I used a mix of fine liner and water colour again using colour to show  negative and positive stimulation as interactions are carried out, i then moved on and used gouache paint to create much more bold imagery. As i was doing this i was thinking about how i could get people to really interact as i was demonstrating with my drawing , i started to think of daily objects that normally get overlooked but are important factors in social interactions and are actually a key part. When someone is down you offer then a warm drink to comfort them, its also a window to be social, going out to get a coffee together and although it seems very little i think these objects are a great use. And i want to use them as a vessel for my work.


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