Creative Conscience: Exploring Ideas And Material.

To start with i just stated to play with materials as i used multi surface paints to just see what this created i applied this to both paper and acetate using a puppet, this gave me much less control of how the colours merge together and left more to chance which made the image more exciting. The outcome was these interesting cellular images which made me think of connections in the brain, and how i could use this to communicate some kind of stimulation we have when interacting with someone. As i feel like the best way to deal with issues is to talk to someone you trust face to face as its the best way to really distinguish how someones feeling. I think this is sometimes lost with the growth of technology as people dont take the time to really talk to one another instead they use instant messaging where someone could easily hide there true feelings.



I then started to experiment with some wood burning as i wanted to use natural material to demonstrate our natural need to interact. I also used the multi surface paint to bring in some colour and add another dimension of how we are stimulated by outside sources.



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