GIF Workshop.

As part of our creative conscience brief we were arranged a GIF workshop, a GIF is a very short animation i created mine from one of the techniques that matt showed us, that involved drawing a simple line image which suited some of my sketches i had already done. And slowly erasing it i chose to also include colour in mine as its a main theme in my work. To achieve this once you have finished you image you then copy that layer and click on the eye icon of the previous layer, so then you can select the eraser tool and slowly rub out your image repeating this layer by layer.


A couple of illustrators that i think use GIFS at its best are Robin Davey and Rebecca Mock there topic is also highly relatable to modern day, with the likes of growing technology and is something i am considering in my project.

I really enjoy the subtlety of Rebecca (left) as its a common sight to all of us and the only sign of life it a few flashing lights creating a snip it of the ‘always on’ culture of today. Robins work also links to this showing ourselves as a mechanical machine with our repetitive routines and using the contrasting colours really works.


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