Creative Conscience: Live Brief

Before Christmas we were briefed by the creative conscience organisation and given an insight into there online briefs, where there challenge is to try and change the world through visual arts and campaigns to help people, and raise awareness of real world issues and offer solutions . This was a great opportunity to deal with current issues and also gave a platform to meet people to help your cause.

Looking at the brief online they were very open to interpretation, and there was also an open brief that allows you to deal with any issues that may be personal to you or something you feel strongly about. I chose to look at mental health and well being and how the little things in life can help, i started looking at illustrator that communicated this subject and i ejoy the lighter approach to this topic as does Peter Berkowitz. Who encourages self help with witty cartoons that relate to the world today with the raise in fads and technologies, he also does bold illustrations relating to this. He also brings his message it to his own life, by living in a pod that removes material things and only leaves him with the essentials and it much happier for it.


Johanna Basford is another illustrator that tackles mindfulness and well being  with adult colouring books. Her first secret garden was published in 2012 and many have followed in her foot steps since. Johanna thinks the high popularity of colouring books is due to the ‘always on’culture of today as 59% of adults in Britain are more stressed today then 5 years ago, according to the mental health foundation. Showing that growing technology may be adding to our mental health issues, but the colouring books give people time out from they lives just by performing a simple act and she also thinks nostalgia has a big part to play and allows us to go back to a simpler time.


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