Photoshop Workshop

With Matt Lieghfield he showed us just a snip-it of what we can achieve on Photoshop, he mainly showed us how you can change and manipulate images. One useful skill was how to make an image clearer, and also how to blend images on different layers together just by clicking the blend icon. We were also given a picture of a brick wall and we were then able to distort it which will be a very useful technique for adding perspective to an image.


Creative Conscience: Further Development

After working with what i had done i wanted to demonstrate some simple drawing just to show different ways interacting can help someone. For example just listening to someone can help there state of mind and help them work through problems, also just offering support when needed and picking up on signs when someone is down. Which is normally only possible when face to face and i just  wanted to highlight the importance of this.

I used a mix of fine liner and water colour again using colour to show  negative and positive stimulation as interactions are carried out, i then moved on and used gouache paint to create much more bold imagery. As i was doing this i was thinking about how i could get people to really interact as i was demonstrating with my drawing , i started to think of daily objects that normally get overlooked but are important factors in social interactions and are actually a key part. When someone is down you offer then a warm drink to comfort them, its also a window to be social, going out to get a coffee together and although it seems very little i think these objects are a great use. And i want to use them as a vessel for my work.

Creative Conscience: Exploring Ideas And Material.

To start with i just stated to play with materials as i used multi surface paints to just see what this created i applied this to both paper and acetate using a puppet, this gave me much less control of how the colours merge together and left more to chance which made the image more exciting. The outcome was these interesting cellular images which made me think of connections in the brain, and how i could use this to communicate some kind of stimulation we have when interacting with someone. As i feel like the best way to deal with issues is to talk to someone you trust face to face as its the best way to really distinguish how someones feeling. I think this is sometimes lost with the growth of technology as people dont take the time to really talk to one another instead they use instant messaging where someone could easily hide there true feelings.



I then started to experiment with some wood burning as i wanted to use natural material to demonstrate our natural need to interact. I also used the multi surface paint to bring in some colour and add another dimension of how we are stimulated by outside sources.


GIF Workshop.

As part of our creative conscience brief we were arranged a GIF workshop, a GIF is a very short animation i created mine from one of the techniques that matt showed us, that involved drawing a simple line image which suited some of my sketches i had already done. And slowly erasing it i chose to also include colour in mine as its a main theme in my work. To achieve this once you have finished you image you then copy that layer and click on the eye icon of the previous layer, so then you can select the eraser tool and slowly rub out your image repeating this layer by layer.


A couple of illustrators that i think use GIFS at its best are Robin Davey and Rebecca Mock there topic is also highly relatable to modern day, with the likes of growing technology and is something i am considering in my project.

I really enjoy the subtlety of Rebecca (left) as its a common sight to all of us and the only sign of life it a few flashing lights creating a snip it of the ‘always on’ culture of today. Robins work also links to this showing ourselves as a mechanical machine with our repetitive routines and using the contrasting colours really works.

Creative Conscience: Live Brief

Before Christmas we were briefed by the creative conscience organisation and given an insight into there online briefs, where there challenge is to try and change the world through visual arts and campaigns to help people, and raise awareness of real world issues and offer solutions . This was a great opportunity to deal with current issues and also gave a platform to meet people to help your cause.

Looking at the brief online they were very open to interpretation, and there was also an open brief that allows you to deal with any issues that may be personal to you or something you feel strongly about. I chose to look at mental health and well being and how the little things in life can help, i started looking at illustrator that communicated this subject and i ejoy the lighter approach to this topic as does Peter Berkowitz. Who encourages self help with witty cartoons that relate to the world today with the raise in fads and technologies, he also does bold illustrations relating to this. He also brings his message it to his own life, by living in a pod that removes material things and only leaves him with the essentials and it much happier for it.


Johanna Basford is another illustrator that tackles mindfulness and well being  with adult colouring books. Her first secret garden was published in 2012 and many have followed in her foot steps since. Johanna thinks the high popularity of colouring books is due to the ‘always on’culture of today as 59% of adults in Britain are more stressed today then 5 years ago, according to the mental health foundation. Showing that growing technology may be adding to our mental health issues, but the colouring books give people time out from they lives just by performing a simple act and she also thinks nostalgia has a big part to play and allows us to go back to a simpler time.