Are You Sitting Comfortably?: Reflection

Overall this field experience was very positive as i have been introduce to a lot of new areas such as wood and metal work and also stitch which has open doors for me as i am interested in varying the materials i use with my work, as i feel that the material choice  is a big part of communicating meaning as an illustrator. Although the brief was daunting at first as i have little experience with constructing and the soft wear that is used, but being paired up with a product designer made the project a lot more accessible for me, as i learnt a lot from the way that he worked and the processes you have to go through to come out with a final product.

Some of the challenges to this project was sometimes reining in ideas as an illustrator you dont really have to many boundaries, but in a professional sense we would do so it was good to learn from this. But as a product designer there are logistics to think about and also practicality. We were also only given a certain amount of wood of a certain thickness, therefore adding to the pressure of what we could do as some parts need to be double the thickness for added strength and so on. And being able to perform this in constraint of time was a useful skill to practice.

One angle of the project i enjoyed was making the chair for a client and linking there personality and experiences to the chair. Which i think we achieved as our client David Wrenne was able to pick out his chair and felt a familiarity with it just from the information he had given us from our questionnaire, and also just by spending some time with David think really helped build up the connections we used in the style of our chair. This showed we had really engaged with our client and how we communicated his persona.

As an overview of the project its seems there is little in common with illustration which is true in the way we work and the atmosphere in the studios. Illustration allows for more self expression and freedom, but i quite enjoyed the subtlety that product design uses to distinguish designs apart but they also have to be very practical. Which is something i have learnt from as something can look beautiful and yet be useful too. Bringing two things together like this is also something i like to do in my practise with my material and concept so it shows there are overlaps that all disciplines share, which can be learnt from and brought back to my own just with a different view point.


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