Are You Sitting Comfortably?: Getting Ready for Construction and Pillow Making.

Once we were sure all our measurement were correct we were able to construct our files to got to the CNC cutter as Huw had more knowledge of the software he took the lead in constructing the files. I then decided to make us some cushions for our chair it was a process i really enjoyed first was the mock up so that you dont waist any of your chosen material, and also so you can know what mistakes not to do on the real thing.

The process was fairly simple and as i had two pillows i could make the cover around them, first was just to cut a square of material that was the size of the pillow, then cut out another piece adding 7 cm for the zip. You then cut the larger square in half and iron one a 3 cm fold and the other half a 1 cm fold. You first stitch the zip to the 3 cm fold as this is going to be the side which hides the zip then attach the 1 cm fold.


Then to the other square that is the size of the cushion add the ties making sure you have  also folded the ends sewing a little square on each end.16832947_10211973153385799_1619665682_o

Once the ties are attached make sure you put the two side face to face, with the neat side of the zip and the ties facing inwards then sew continuously around the edge.



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