Are You Sitting Comfortably?: Design Concepts and Refined Models

me and Huw discussed together to come up with 3-4 designs for our chair trying to include things that would resonate with David and match his persona we agreed that there should be a strong sense of Bauhaus in the chair and that will mainly come from the curving long legs, so David can be reminded of his love for Berlin. He also mentioned how he likes to chill out in his his spear time and how he prefers a more laid back chair, so we also want to include that. Also just looking back at our mood boards and questionnaire to see if there are any details that can be added, such as the myth of the giants causeway i quite liked, as its based in Ireland and the structure of where the myth originated is very interesting. And could be used for some decorative purposes.

We also had to refine our model from one of our chosen designs we first did this in paper at fifth scale then Huw made one out of foam.

Our final design includes a large tennis ball as support for the leaning structure, as David loves tennis and it is also practical and unusual. We then had to make a 1:1 model made out of cardboard, this was very helpful as it allowed you to see if all measurement are correct for the final chair.


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