Are You sitting Comfortably: Models

From our line drawing we then had to develop them into continuous wire models, known as dirty models, i liked this hands on approach, bending the wire and seeing what effects and shapes you could achieve. This is all development of our ideas with always keeping our client in mind and thinking of clever ways we can introduce there persona into the chair. After talking to David its clear he likes stylish things, as he loves the culture of Berlin and appreciates many chair designs in the Bauhaus. With there continuous line a slick design which is something we plan to incorporate in our chair.


These are some of my outcomes it really helped to think in simple shapes it also helped to see how they stand structurally. it was also a very useful technique for incorporating the Bauhaus style.

We were also told to make card models of some of our design ideas and also to show the plains of the chair, and as David told us he likes to chill out and be relaxed, i chose to do a more slouched design as semi recliner. This may be something we introduce to our final design.
























































































































































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