Field: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

This term my field is very product design based as we are expected to make a bespoke chair for an individual client, we are doing this in pairs and i have been paired with a product design student, which has released a lot of pressure as i attend to learn from his knowledge of this subject matter.

We first had to interview our client who was part of  the CSAD staff,  we were given David Wrenn who is head of graphics. We had a 30 minute interview asking questions from our questionnaire to give us an insight into the type of person David is, and what are his likes and dislikes, and from this we had to make a visual representation of the interview in the form of a mood board. This was interesting as just purely visual information really helped with the flow of ideas.

We then had an exercise where we had to draw as many chairs as we could on 2 pieces of a3 is continuous line. Which is something i really enjoy as i have used it as a technique before, and really makes you think about how to convey the shape of an object, and loosens up your drawings.



Collections: Final Reflection

Overall i have really enjoyed this project and the freedom it has given me to experiment. I’ve learnt how process of just doing is really important to my work with not always knowing what the final outcome will be, but just going with the development of the work. This project has really focused me on how materials are a really important aspect of the work and how they can be directly  used to reinforced the concept in them selves. And looking at how each materials acetic, such as acetate and using it to its full potential to help show the message i want to put across, which i think i did quite successfully with this project.

Although if i had more time there are many things i would like to experiment with further, as i would like to refine my drawing a bit more and really see how much i could communicate with a simple a drawing as possible. The glass paints are also something i think could have more to offer. With light being my main theme i also wanted to include some photography of my books being properly lit and also how the use of a projected could add another dimension to my project.


The use of words with this project has also been interesting, as we had a lecture on typography as i never really thought to much about font but i found it really helped when coming to the finish of my book. And how i could also use the font to connect to my concept not only just the word. In all i am pleased with the outcome as it communicates light in a way that is linked to our human emotions and with the strong use of layering, colour and texture it shows the direct link to this. And shows a clearly my processes and thought pattern throughout and how all the work has been considered to further my message.