Home Truths: Final Reflection

I have really enjoyed this field as the experience of being able to bring what i do from illustration to ceramics has been a really useful thing to learn. I have realized that as an illustrator is has really broadened my views of my subject and has opened doors of how i may want to further my work, as i have now developed  a real interest in objects and form as the process really appeals to me, and although the they are lengthy the fact that you have a finished product at the end of it gives a sense of accomplishment.

The tactile and physical contact you have working with materials such as clay really give a personal feel to everything you make. That why i loved making my own plates as it something that’s raw but you really put yourself within the work, and it just offers you a lot more ways of communicating your message when your working from scratch and even the impurities in it can sometimes add to your message. As one of my sgraffito plates has quite rough edged which may make uncomfortable to handle it, but with this the image carved it to the plate is also something that might make people feel uneasy. Therefore the form its self is suggesting the topic im challenging, and giving the viewer an indication of how it may make them feel even before they see the image.

The context in which i would like my plates to be placed would perhaps a museum as i think they have a strong historical content and as discussed with tutors the American history museum in bath, as they have no native American memorabilia to my knowledge. which i think would be the best place for them as the idea is to open peoples eyes to how these people were treated in there true homes and it should at least be acknowledge as a part of American history.





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