Home Truths: Plate Development

As time is short i decided to utilize other forms of surface decoration that Ive learnt such as the mono printing techniques. And as my sgraffito plate may not be glazed in time, i wanted to try and portray the layering affect that i want to achieve with them in another form.

I think the decals and line work contrast quite well with the charcoal black line drawings showing the darker side to the natives history and the watery inks decals showing the typical native American motifs. The narrative with the mono printing work are both situation that occurred in the natives culture, as the children on the right were taken from there  families and place in schools run by the government to learn the ‘American way’ and were punished if they spoke in their native tongue. The one on the right is of famous chief Geronimo who evaded the government many times, escaping from reservations. eventually he was caught and imprisoned by the government and was forced to take part in films as the savage Indian, being highly misrepresented.


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