Home Truths: V&A and Tate

In London we were given the chance to go to Tate Britain where they held work from the turner prize and further collections from lots of different artists. one artist that always grabs my attention is Henry Moore with his abstract sculptures of the human form that demand you to gaze on them with there oversized solid presence, theirs also a natural flow to his work its almost continuous, and resemble scenes from the country side which im sure is intentional. As Moore believed the best place for his work was outside in open space with nature and i think hes right as it highlight our relationship with our surroundings and echos both us and nature.

Along with his sculptures were some sketch with mixed media which i thought capture a very atmospheric mood, and shows the human form in a similar way to his sculptures showing fluidity.


The V&A also has a huge variety of collections one of my favorites are the resonance painting as the biblical narratives interest me, also the classic style is always something i enjoy to look at in detail.


They also have a huge range of ceramic showing multiple techniques and where they originated. From seeing these really made me think about the finish of my plates and how i would like them to be displayed.


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