Home Truths: Slip Decoration Technique

Slip decoration is one of the oldest and most commonly used techniques as its quite flexible and allows you to create your own pattern. its a mixture of powered clay and colour.

In our workshop we was using a layering technique where we used the lighter colour first and brushed this over the clay, then by using paper towel cutting out any pattern we like i chose arrow heads as it linked with my native American theme. Then you layered this with another coloured slip but making sure the slip before has had a little bit of time to dry.

You can then carefully peel off the paper towel, it is easier if you place it over the edges so its easier it find. you will then find you are left with your pattern the colours wont be vivid until it is fired and glazed that’s when you will have the full effect.

You can also use a technique called scriffito along with the slip, this is a method of scratching through the slip to the raw clay creating texture with a pattern or an image of your  choice.



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