Collections:Development and Experimentation

By looking at others collections and the materials im using and what ascetic they give i decided to do my collection around light  and doing this by using the transparency of the acetate for a conductor of light itself.

Using line i stated experimenting with thick gouache paint as a back ground and layering the drawings on top of one another. i also applied the paint directly on to the acetate which gave a bold colours and also created some texture when held up to the light which i quite liked so i plan to continue playing around this. i want to integrate the human form in some way as i think light is an import factor of life and is usually overlooked on a daily basis but it is really essential and can influence our moods and emotions and i want to try and communicate this.

Our first mile stones was to make a zine as a way to to communicate our ideas for what our collections might be.

I use this to demonstrate the technique i was going to use, i then furthered it by introducing people and also random sentences from books to see how this effected the feel of the image. And weather it reinforced or contradicted the mood of the picture.


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