Home Truths

In this field i chose to do hoe truths as i wanted to expand on the materials i work with. the out come for this field is six ceramic plates that form a narrative and is mainly focusing on surface design.when thinking about what kind of narrative we wanted to produced we were asked to think of a plate that was special to us whether its was a special plate we ate off when we were young or a plate on display in our family.  one that popped into my head was a plate at me nans house with a red Indian chief on it as she has always collected native American memorabilia i wanted to look in to this further.

To get inspiration i went to research ceramic artists one work that i really admired was Graycen Perry’s recent creations where from a far looked like pretty decorative vase but when seen in detail told a much more hard hitting story but this was Perry’s intentions as he describes how he doesn’t want to sacrifice the ascetics of a piece to betray concept and this is something that i may want to think about when designing my plates.


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