Erik Satie: Further Development

I started playing around with different materials i was particularly interested in the opaque silk and i liked the way the images could mold together when in the light. I wanted to take this further so i stated experimenting with acetate as i really wanted to focus on Saties eccentric personality but in an unusual, abstract way as he was known for breaking the rules and going against the norms. So i started to overlap images i had made of Saties experiences through out his life  and i think through this they started to tell a story and the more images that overlapped the more that information got lost but i quite liked that as i felt that Erik Satie told so many stories that the truth in them got lost and diluted.

But i also wanted to introduce colour and this was a bit of a challenge working with acetate, and also i didn’t want to block out any detail from my linear drawings as the idea is for them to all work together in chaos to demonstrate Saties erratic behavior. But with 24 pages i decided to split my book into chapters so that you can still appreciate each drawing  and gain a different perspective each time you turn the page. I played around with coloured sharpy but the effect wasn’t very strong and created texture which i think drew away from the images.


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