Biographys: Erik Satie

For this brief we were specifically given a certain person from history i was given Erik Satie an eccentric, french composer from the 18th century. I have never really been into classical music but as i researched more about him and listened to his music i was glad to find out that he wasn’t one for playing by the rules and prided himself on being different and going against the norm. His most well known piece Gymnopedie .

It is both moving and sad giving me the impression of living a life pretending to be happy yet underneath there is sadness. In a way i feel like this sums up Erik Satie as there were many stories about him but he would never say what parts were true, and in his bed sit that he lived in from his twenties until he died he allowed no visitors accept a few stray dogs. With this i want to do a lot of experiments some in a classical sense as i did with the book i made using charcoal to show some of his experiences in life.




To highlight his ambiguity i also experimented with silk paintings which i think gave a really interesting effect, as i like the opaque capacity of them with the bold colours i used and i think i would like to take this idea further with the overlapping of drawings.