Inventor: Marine Life -Further Development

After another individual tutorial it was discussed how i could make the message clearer and how it could be portrayed visually. I thought by making another book of the future not to far from now would be a good way of really showing the gradual deterioration of our sea life, that is very possible if we don’t start respecting the sea. also i think by adding some text with the 3d pieces in a form of a poem would also give more context to the story behind it.




with all three books i think i have put in small details that add to the character and message of the books such as basing them all around the same place of the Glamorgan coast and using species of fish that  are local to the area such as poor cod, whiting, silver eels and thresher sharks that are now classed as vulnerable. I also rose the sea level in each one to show the other environmental issues such as global warming. Each boat is larger than the next just to highlight how we are damaging the ocean with our technologies which also links to my previous project in field within subject.






But i also experimented with the ink that i used as i wanted to see what different effects i could get. As i quickly decided what style i wanted to use for my book i thought it would be interesting to try out letting the ink drip and blow it in certain directions. The turn out was very good, as its very free and allows the colours to seep into each other, and creates a really nice natural effect with the ink and goes well with the subject matter. Which i would like to continue to develop further, perhaps in to another tunnel books.