Inventor: Marine Life

Looking at techniques for tunnel books i started off simple and did a trial book first starting with drawing four scenes in pen.




I then added colour with ink and cut out the rest of the frames




I was pleased with the outcome as its has the 3d affect i wanted and i think it communicates sea life from the past, although i think it would be best to add more depth so maybe by adding another frame would create this. Also in a group tutorial i was reminded to make sure all my information that is shown was correct, such as fish species and boat type as i was aiming it around the Glamorgan coast. I took this into account and continued my research.




I also experimented with different formats of tunnel books as i found this template in one of the books i loaned. It was good from the point of paper wastage as you could create this from one piece of paper, and i enjoyed its affect through the little spy hole but i felt it was limited to amount of information it held. But this could also be a technique where i would like to experiment with a bit more as it links with the environment and being eco friendly.






These were my two developed pieces, the top one being past and the other being present i think by giving an extra frame and cutting out the boat instead of being part of the background does give more depth and just makes it more interesting. I changed the a joining paper to blue just to carry through the idea of the sea, and i think this is a much better improvement and brings each frame together.

For part of my research i watched Hugh Whittingstall’s Fish Fight as he was trying to promote sustainable fishing. It was interesting as not many people were aware of how sea life was being affected by us. But what i found interesting was just how easy the solution is, as he explored parts of the sea that were protected from fishing and scallop dredgers and it just showed, how the sea bed life can thrive and with this there is overflow into unprotected areas allowing us to use this and for fill our needs. Although i feel scallop dredgers our unproductive piece of equipment, as scallops can now be farmed and cultivated in the sea with out destroying the sea bed. As the dredgers are dragged along the sea bed turning it into dessert by breaking down all the coral and catching any other living thing that gets in it way.




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