Field: Subject Groups

As we were all influenced by the conference we were asked to find ourselves a group of about four that had the same interests as ourselves. my group also enjoyed the into the woods lecture, and believed in the point it put across. This also over lapped with a well being lecture so as a group we decided to bring them together and include how technology and nature may affect your well being, and to teach the future generation that there can be a happy balance between technology and nature as long as they work together and nature isn’t neglected or forgotten about.

We started just by having a conversation about how our idea could mesh and what could inspire us. Then we chose words that we felt were important and at the center of our ideas and illustrated this. The outcomes were quite successful as we all had very different interpretations of how to visually communicate these words. we did this on a sheet of A1 and thought about how our images could merge. we decided on a 3d sculpture of a tree that was made out of both twigs and wires which showed the relationship between both of these vital elements technology and nature. then by producing 10 leaves each we all got add our personal perspective in our own styles but with it still coming together as a whole. we also invited fellow student to add leaves and put there thought across about the subject which made our piece interactive and tactile.


We tried it in different areas to see how it would effect the space, and become a conversational piece.



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