Field: Mixed Subject Groups



Being in a mixed subject group was interesting as when given an idea, each have a different way of making come to life. This opens the mind and make you think about how to compromise and challenges you to try different methods of working. Our fist brief was to think about what our future homes will be like and what kind of character we would want it to have. we started off by doing a mind map and one of our main focuses was for it to be eco friendly and restore nature to what it was. then we researched pictures of how we might want it to look and the gadgets we would want in the house hold and created a mood board. and to put in our own interpretations of the house we then went away and produce a drawing each then displayed them together i think this was a successful method of collaboration.



This was my individual view on our future home which contributed to our main manifesto. we did a range of our Eco friendly floating homes to suit different peoples needs, mine was known as city pods.


this was the final outcome of our work showing how we could live with out harming the earth and allowing it to prosper.


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