Field: Future Generations Conference

The conference on future generations was interesting as it really opened my mind to a whole array of subject matters i never really thought about, and got me thinking what i would want to pass on through generations. One seminar i related to was into the woods which was about getting children back out into nature. This is something i think is important as i believe it helps crucial development as a child, and increases your creativity and confidence in the outside world  and test have proven that nature helps you both mentally and physically.

As i child i could think of nothing better than going to my local nature reserve exploring the waters with my net, looking for insects and tad poles now kids are more concerned with technology and the virtual world rather than the real one. One activity the project ‘wild thing’ did with the children was give them plastic cups and got them to fill it with parts of nature. One child filled his cup with litter and called a toxic cocktail. I think this just highlights the problems we have with nature and is a very valuable lesson for children to learn. As we must respect nature and not let our bad habits affect it as it will allow the next generation realize just how responsible we are for natures well being and growth.

I also enjoyed the trip to the cathedral as we were told to be observers, which i think is an important message as you first have to observe something to understand and then take action.