Street Car Named Desire: Final Narrative

My final narrative is just further development of the last after a group tutorial they thought the colour changes should be more subtle to show the transition of mood.

This i feel is a successful outcome as i think it communicates clearly the struggle stress which blanch goes through with her spiraling out of control. charcoal gives that bold affect i wanted and the colours slowly seep into one another almost giving a dreamlike quality of hysteria. And from a contextual point i think it clearly indicates a state of mind losing its way into chaos, as i wanted to high light mental illness in the 1940s and how it was never properly dealt with. As they didn’t yet have the knowledge of the inner workings of the human brain, and used extreme methods such as lobotomy’s where the outcomes were always wildly different and not an effective way of dealing with mental illness.

As i researched this further i found out that they used lobotomy’s for illnesses such as schizophrenia to post natal depression and many variations of this procedure were carried out until the late 1970s across the world. The idea was to sever the connecting tissue around the frontal lobes in hope to dull symptoms by reducing emotional signal to the brain. And at this time in America, the state legislature paid as little as $2 per day for the upkeep of patients in metal institutes, this included staffs salaries, catering, accommodation and treatment, which just shows how poorly cared for they were.


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