Street Car Named Desire: Narrative Sequence

The last two weeks of the project was to pin down the final outcome in a narrative form. With the experiments i have done Ive chose to stick with the form of colour and simplicity. i started by deciding what way to work wether the objects them selves should be in colour, to portray the certain emtional states of each character. So i did some experiments with this in water colour uncovering hidden scenes between mitch and his mum. By using the water colours loosely and diluted to show Mitch’s mums illness and slowly changing the colour to show the deterioration of her health. With Mitch i try to demonstrate confusion, sadness and passion as in the pieces Mitch is the more dominant feature as i wanted to show his struggle of love for blanch and the pain of losing his mother.

although i like the affect of the bleeding pain and subdued mixture of colours i feel as though it might be a bit static and doesn’t necessarily flow. Also im not sure if the relationship between the character can read clearly. So to develop further i want to experiment with using just one character to really communicate the evolution of the character

These i feel are more successful by giving a bolder message as it is only concentrating on blanches demise though i feel the message could still be clearer in an emotive sense. Using the colour to carry the narrative and maybe show a bit more distortion with the whisk just to enhance the turmoil shes going through.


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