Street Car: Narrative Perspective and Frozen Moment

By looking at a scene from different perspectives really allows the mind to wonder, and pick out certain details and emotions that you normally wouldn’t. Again i wanted to use colour as one of my main themes to communicate elements of the same scene and use the colour to distinguish different moods that the frozen moment could have. i also wanted they way i apply the paint to be emotive, by using vigorous brush stroke and creating movement in to the images.

The collage works well, as the abstract shapes just give the idea of a form in an emotive situation. Although each one does not represent a certain individual but more about the idea of how the individuals, in this case Mitch and Blanch perceive it. As i chose the scene when Mitch sees the real blanch and i wanted to show a state of confusion and anger on his part, and vulnerability and hurt for blanch. i worked on this idea further in the other images.


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