Street Car Named Desire

we were introduce to this project with a work shop about personification. first we were asked to think about what would the characters be if they were a plant or a bug, this made me think about how else i could portray there personality with certain features of a plant or bug. The next step was to bring in house hold object that represented certain character from the film. There was certain objects that jumped out when thinking of the characters such as Stanley instantly, the cork screw related with its bold presence and forceful nature. And blanch a whisk as shes erratic and quite fragile in a way. Also her character is the one who stirs up a lot of emotional responses from the others. Therefore felt this was a fitting metaphor . This task made me think more about the hidden context of the film and the emotional state of each character by thinking about the inner working of there past and present.

i started by painting some back grounds with bold colours as i did in words in colour, as i enjoyed how the colours spoke to each other and wanted to to interpret that into a bigger project. i also incorporated texture by not painting the whole thing and leaving rough brush strokes. I did this to help create an atmosphere, as i feel it can make you feel uncomfortable when something is unfinished and i wanted to bring that to the scene.

by cutting out bold colored shapes that resemble house hold object to represent the characters  really helped reinforce the narrative. as the colour,size and shape all add to how you see the characters and the relationship between them. then by placing bits of text from the play script adds another level of interest and context.


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