Words and Colour

Creating colour pallets that were in response to something personal such as someone you know, a place you love, something you hate was very interesting. By just using colour to portray emotion is very effective and therapeutic. i feel colour is a great way to communicate especially when using paint, as texture also contributes to the feel of a piece. And as we were banned from using black it helped me to think about how to mix my paints, and how to form different ideas of light and dark. The use of a word made me realize it can either changed the whole perception of the colours or further enforce the message. I found William de koonings work shows this with his harsh, thick brush strokes in vivid colours really shows atmosphere and feeling. Although he does not use words his strength in colour and emotion can speak for itself. i mixed colours but kept the way they were applied quite simple as when painting i like the movements and strokes to be natural and not over thought. the colour combinations helped explore what colours go together and what vibe they gave off together.which helped when placing text.


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