50 Artefacts in time

The national museum provided me with a whole array of object to draw, from stuffed animals to minerals each having there own attraction. As we had to  incorporate the passage of time i set my self to 30 second drawings, using continuous line as in the past this has had an interesting outcome in my drawings. As it puts a certain pressure on you and frees up your drawing allowing you to decide what parts are the most important. This was a successful technique to use because it meant i could observe many objects in the time we had and gave a glimpse of what i had seen first hand



As an add on to this trip in one of our work shops we were given a bin liner and was told to ‘see with our hands’ in the bin liner was a single object which we then had to draw. It was an intriguing experience when sight was taken away from you and you only had touch to rely on. Although once you touched the object and new what it was your brain automatically put the image of the object in your head, for example i had a ornamental bear and my brain compensates by finding other ornamental bears you have seen. but we were urged to draw from what was felt not what we thought it was and to include the texture and material into our drawings¬† i chose to use charcoal as it gives a lots of texture depth.